Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

As someone who LOVES (seriously, LOVES) to watch Ghost Hunting/Adventuring/Haunting shows, AND who dressed up as a witch pretty much my entire childhood, minus that one year I was the Pink Power know, Kimberly...

I'd just like to say...

Happy Halloween!!!

Go do the Monster Mash, or watch a spooky show on the Travel Channel.  You can also go on a ghost tour, read a really creepy (but amazing) book *cough* ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD *cough* or, ya know, do that whole trick or treating thing :)

Aside from being my absolute favorite holiday, Halloween this year means something else:

Query season for ASTRAL has started!!!  Keep your fingers/hands/arms/limbs crossed for me, friends!

Oh, and one last update - to stay in the Halloween spirit for the month of November I've decided to switch up my original NaNo plans and focus on a pretty sweet (I'm using "sweet" in the "awesome" sense, not the romance-y sense) ghost story that's been sitting in the back of my mind for a little while.  Most of it is still pretty secret, BUT the parts I can divulge are:

A) This one's only got one POV.
B) The Big Bad is NOT going to be Casper (e.g. not quite a friendly ghost)
C) It takes place in the confines of a boarding school (one of the twists is how this is handled...bwahaha)
D) Multiculturalism (something I am really passionate about!) plays a big role
E) Danger (both real and...not-so-real) lurks around every corner!

That's all you get for now :P


  1. Ooo, a very interesting NaNo project in deed! Sounds fun!

    Good luck and Happy Halloween!

    1. thanks!!! I'm pretty excited about writing it :)