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On June 21, 2013, Eliza Chen and three others members of The Truthseekers, a popular paranormal myth-busting show, went into the White Woods on a routine investigation. Their bodies were never found, but their footage was.  

Seventeen year-old Quinn Thomas and her friends are determined to figure out exactly how her cousin, Eliza, and the rest of the Truthseekers disappeared. She retraces their steps, dodging horse manure in Colonial Williamsburg, making deals with a shady psychic, and reading as many Tarot cards as she can get her hands on. But as soon as she starts to find answers, one of her friends becomes possessed – and seeing his face melt off during an exorcism is so not the way she wants to spend a Monday.

When another friend goes comatose after a ghost runs their car off a road, Quinn has to rally everyone together to figure out exactly who – or what – is pulling the strings in Williamsburg’s haunted forest. Because whatever’s behind the White Woods’ three centuries of disappearances is looking for the next soul to add to its collection. If Quinn’s not careful, she’ll get the reunion with her cousin that she always wanted – but will never be able to leave the woods again.

First Page:

This is the part where they disappear.

The Wailing Wanderer
 Season 2, Episode 1
Day 6 

Cameraperson: Eliza Chen

June 21, 2013 (Summer Solstice)
8:00 PM
Outside of Williamsburg, VA
Battery Level: 89%

We shouldn’t be here. Despite all the signs, and how much we want to help, going into the White Woods this close to sunset is a stupid idea.
Josh throws an overly dramatic hand on his forehead. “Can we speed this up? I’m too pretty to risk being stuck in these woods for forever.”
Oh, good. If he keeps this up, I’ll punch him right where that embroidered eagle sits on his preppy polo. I swear, if we get trapped in these woods because we listened to someone who marks time by when the next J. Crew sale’s about to go down, instead of all the warnings – well. Let’s just say there aren’t enough words in the English language that can describe what I’ll do to him.
 “It won’t get dark for a few more hours. It’s the longest day of the year, remember?” Alanna stands behind me, leaning on my shoulder as she stares into the camera’s display screen.
She’s wearing her usual floral perfume – which is kind of ridiculous, since cryptids don’t really care how she smells. Well, that Wendigo in Oregon did, but that was the only time. If it even was a Wendigo. I still think it was an overzealous bear.
But Alanna didn’t become a WendigoMeal™, or a BearMeal™, so I guess it worked out.
She laughs as she moves next to me. “Either the camera really does add ten pounds, or Josh needs to lay off the cheeseburgers.” She tosses her dark hair back, waiting for whatever smartass comment he’ll shoot her way. 

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