Who am I?


Just kidding.

I was a grad student, but then I did the whole graduation thing, so now I'm just a person who loves reading and writing (but the arithmetic part...not so much).  I love everything YA and am a very avid sci-fi/fantasy fan :)  I'm also a proponent of stories with diverse characters, and am always looking for book recommendations!

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle my crazy ride - from my random thoughts to small successes, this is where you can come to see what I think about writing, life, and everything in-between.  So, if you'd like to know more, sit down and grab some popcorn, because I'll try to be entertaining  :)

Also, I can connect pretty much anything to pop culture.   I'm going to call that a super-power.


If you'd like to email me about life, writing, or anything in between, you can shoot me a message at alex.brown815 (at) gmail.com

Yes, the 815 in my email address is a LOST reference :)

If you're on the Twitter, you can also follow/tweet at me!  I'm usually there and easy to find! @gravity_fail09

Thanks for stopping by!

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