Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's Up Wednesday/Ready. Set. Write! Post #2

Welp, I'm a bit late to the What's Up Wednesday/Ready. Set. Write! party today! I totally blame the internet, which distracted me last night while I should have been writing this post.

So, without further ado, here we gooooooooooo!

Anyway, here's my What's Up Wednesday post, complete with Ready. Set. Write! goal setting!

What I'm reading:
I'm STILL catching up on beta reading, but I just finished my friend Becky's awesome book, THE HUNGRY GROUND, and this book, y'all. I can't even find enough excellent things to say about this wonderful book, other than when it gets published, I will force people to buy it because I love it.

Including you. So get ready to love this book too, okay? :D

What I'm writing:
Still writing DRAGON FAIL, but I, uh, also started working on two other books?

Yeah, no. I know, it was probably a bad idea, but...these things happen. ANYWAY, here's an excerpt (uh, technically the first page?) of one of the newer stories I'm working on (though DRAGON FAIL is still my main summer goal!).

This is a YA Fantasy too, by the way :)

The dungeon smelled bad. It was an understatement, sure, but it was better to dwell on what the dungeon didn’t smell like as opposed to what it did. So the dungeon didn’t smell like a field full of flowers, the forest after it rains, the sea, a great feast, or anything else overly pleasant. The dungeon was, however, pretty dark. No matter how many times I held my hands in front of my face, I couldn’t see them. After being locked in the foul-smelling, horribly lit dungeon for a few days, I’d tried to see my hands a lot.
It’s not like I had anything better to do.
The small hole at the bottom of the door opened, and my sad little plate of kitchen mush slid into my cell. It had taken me approximately two days to get used to kitchen mush, which is probably why my cell smelled so bad. I pulled the bowl of kitchen mush closer, ignoring the retching my stomach had already started to do. Since the miraculous event in between day two and three of my captivity that somehow enabled my stomach to handle the stuff, any retching now was just a weird little reflex that happened whenever I got close enough to smell it. I still hadn’t figured out exactly what was in it.
My hands plunged into the cold, slimy glop, which probably wasn’t the most sanitary thing to do, but it’s not like the Royals were much into giving their prisoners spoons.
We might’ve been able to dig our way out if they’d done that. Gods forbid.

In DRAGON FAIL news, I passed 34K a few days ago, then went on a break to write around 6K for the above story. But, with that said, I still think I can meet my monthly goal of 40K, so make sure I'm still writing DRAGON FAIL in like a week, okay?


What else I've been up to:
Still job searching! And drinking lots of smoothies. YAY!

What inspires me right now:
Oh, goodness, lots of things. I kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of don't want to go into detail, though, because some of these things are surprises. So for now, in no particular order:

Ghost hunting shows
Random things on Tumblr
Giant coffee table books
One-page long fairy-tales
Movie marathons

See you next week, when my post is hopefully way more punctual :P Happy writing!!!


  1. I am intrigued about some of these things you are inspired by: Coffee table books? 1 page fairy tales?

  2. All the vagueness, all the time with you. Tease. :)

  3. Dragon Fail is a great title--I'm already pulled in. I think I'm going to cave and start working on another project even though I'm in the middle of revising something else. I guess I need to just keep organized.

    1. Thanks so much!!! I really love that title :P

      Good luck!!! Organization definitely helps with juggling multiple projects!

  4. I love the voice of your new story! Congrats on getting so much writing done this week. :)

  5. Incredible excerpt again! I'm so glad you're sharing! And movie marathons FTW! I feel a superhero one coming on. :)

    Have a great week!

    1. Awwww thank you so much!!!

      And YES! Movie marathons are the best! I hope you get to have your superhero one :)

      And thanks!!! You too!

  6. I love the voice! And smoothies are great.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

    1. :D :D :D

      Thank you so much!!! This MC is one of my favorites!

      Also, agreed. Smoothies are wonderful things :P


    always envious,

    1. hahaha awwwww <3 I honestly have NO IDEA how these things happen.

      They just do.

      I hope you still love me.