Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Random AHA moments (thanks, three-day weekend!)

If you're looking for my GUTGAA Meet and Greet post, it's right here!

Since we had Labor Day off yesterday (thanks, UT!) I had a long weekend to think about my WIP, write a little bit, and have a good ol' fashioned "Firefly" and "Fringe" marathon.

As I watched these shows, I started to think more about the directions that my story could go, and I came up with some interesting things.  Most notably, I've worked in a Reaver-esque kind of thing into my story!

For those of you not hip to the "Firefly" lingo (this is another show to watch if you haven't seen it yet!), Reavers are these creepy self-mutilating cannibals that go around and cause all kinds of trouble.  I think I found a cool new twist on the concept, so we'll see how this goes!  It was definitely the creepy-factor that I was missing in my MS!

Also, I had a writer-character heart-to-heart, which is kind of a weird thing to confess, but since I'm surrounded by other writers I feel alright throwing it out there.  I've said before that I'm trying to tell this story through two POVs, which is a lot of fun (and sometimes a tad frustrating...).  Anyways, I was writing something from my male narrator's point-of-view, and there was this moment where we just kind of clicked.

Like I said, it's weird to be all like "OMG you guys I totally just had a bonding moment with a character!!!" but that's what happened.  And it was all thanks to one line.

What is that line, you may find yourself asking (or, at least, I hope you are asking this!)?  Well, the line was:

"Girls.  They're always mad at you for something."

As a girl, I can totally vouch for the semi-validity of this statement - and I am less nervous now about trying to use a male narrator, because I'm pretty sure I've got this guy down thanks to that line :)

Now I just need to have that AHA moment with my female narrator, and I'll be back in business!

So, what do you think, fellow writing friends?  Ever have those break-through, I-totally-understand-you-now moments with characters?


  1. No real breakthroughs with my characters, but their traits slowly keep changing as I get further along in the story. Can't wait to see what they're like by the time the story ends.

    The description of your current WIP (from your Who AM I? page) sounds interesting. If you ever need someone to look over your story from a male point of view, feel free to drop me a line.