Monday, September 10, 2012

*puts on agent hat* - YA Misfits

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So, thanks to a prompt from the YA Misfits I thought about what would be on my wish-list if I were an agent.

You ready for this?!?

I would LOVE:

YA Folklore/Mythology re-tellings and I have a soft spot for Fairy Tales (re-tellings AND original ones)
YA Contemporary that will make me cry like I've never cried before and/or make me think.  A lot.
YA Monster story.  Points if it involves the Loch Ness monster. (See what I would NOT love for stipulations).
YA Agatha Christie-esque mystery - the world needs more of those! 
YAThriller/Actioner.  Points if it also happens to be Fantasy or Sci-Fi.
YA Contemporary with dark humor.  Like, really dark.
YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi
YA Multicultural - points if it explores issues of race, racial identity, etc

I would NOT love:
Ze vampires.  Zey are overdone.
Same with ze werewolves.
Anything overly-preachy.


  1. Such a good list, and I love how specific you get! Some of my favorite YA titles are the ones that've made me bawl, but oh God, I could never request them on purpose.

    1. haha thanks! To quote "Mean Girls" - "I just have a lot of feelings!" So I think that's why I'd purposefully request the super sad ones :)

  2. Ooh, I love the idea of a YA Agatha Christie :D Great list!

    1. thank you :) And I'm now totally in love with the idea of a YA Agatha Christie haha