Sunday, August 5, 2012

Harry Potter land (or why I'm excited for Spring 2013)

This has nothing to do with writing.  Like, at all.  But as I sit here and watch the Olympics with my roommates, innocently multi-tasking by leafing through CNN articles, an advert for Harry Potter land totally accomplished it's life-long goal of distracting me.

You see, Blog-readers, I have a problem - or maybe it's a fever.

And the only thing that can stop it isn't a cow bell.

It's Universal Studios and their darn Islands of Adventure theme park.

I was there a few years ago, which was regrettably before Harry Potter land opened.  But next March I'm definitely going to right that wrong because I'll get to go to Orlando for a giant Student Affairs job search and conference!

So, until then, I will continue to explore Pottermore, occasionally coordinate my work outfits so that I can properly represent Hufflepuff (who are excellent finders), and practice my British accent.

Harry Potter land won't know what hit it.

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