Thursday, August 9, 2012

As I watch the Olympics and eat a cookie...

...I feel just like an Olympian.

Ok.  Just kidding - I'm not being Sirius or anything.

BUT I do enjoy watching the Olympics and all of the crazy-cool things that these athletes can do (feats that I will certainly never be able to perform, like flips, running 100 meters in like 10 seconds, swimming better than a get the point).

And it's certainly good writing inspiration - if not for the athleticism, then for the people watching and the stories behind some of these athletes.  Every time P&G plays their "Mom" ads or NBC launches into some pre-taped package about Gabby Douglas, my eyes get all watery (and if I'm wearing my glasses, the act of crying is a dangerous, dangerous thing).

So, I would like to officially thank the Olympics for restoring my faith in humanity a little bit at a time.  It's so wonderful to see people of different nationalities come together and compete against each other in a friendly way.  As much as I love to see the US dominate the medal count, it's still awesome to hear about countries getting their first medals *ever* during these Olympics.

I just wish we could hold on to this friendly, competitive spirit all the time, instead of once every couple of years.  I feel like we need more positive things and less of the negative - but, alas, I am not a philosopher or an international affairs expert.

I am merely a grad student with a dream...or two...or three...

I guess I'll just settle for the Olympics until we can figure out that whole world-peace thing.

So you go, world!  Get medals, share your stories, and make me cry.  You've only got a few more days to do this.

Here's a parting question - Did anyone out there know that BMX was an Olympic sport?  I had no idea until about two minutes ago...


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