Friday, August 3, 2012

100 pageviews! Yay!

So I'm not really sure how the whole "100 page views" thing happened since I don't really walk around with a sign or anything that's like, "Hey you!  Yeah, you with the face!  Check out my blog!"  Mostly because, with my luck, I would shout that at some faceless person, and they would just look in my direction (but not really looking, since they wouldn't have eyes) and then I would probably realize that I was in a nightmare.

Wow.  Apparently I have some deep-hidden anxiety about face-less people.

Anyways, back to celebrating!  I think 100 is quite a respectable number, and I hope that these visitors (which kind of makes them sound like aliens...sorry, y'all) have been somewhat amused by my ramblings.

If you are a visitor (the earth kind, not the ET kind) then welcome!  I do hope you stick around, as I shall attempt to update this blog on a more regular basis!

And now it is time for my novel update :)


In the past two days I've gotten two rejections!  And yes, as you can see by my exclamation point, I'm pretty excited about it!  I'm going to take the weekend to revise my Query Letter and send a few more out early next week!

Limbs crossed that this all works out somehow :)

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