Friday, November 30, 2012


I'll search for a fun GIF to add to this post later, like when my brain decides to work again.

But for now I would just like to shout to the blogosphere that I WON NANOWRIMO!!!!


(Also, I told you I was a competitive person ;D )

It's almost 1 A.M. and I need to sleep, but whatever, I'm doing a victory dance around my apartment first (luckily, roommates have gone to sleep already!)

I've still got quite a bit more to draft with my ghost story, though, and it's gonna need revisions like no one's business (because writing a simple ghost story was TOO HARD so I put about ten million different layers/plot threads/elements into it).

So, yeah, miles to go before I sleep.  And many more miles to go before I'm done with this book.

But I'm totally okay with that :)

Sound off if you've won, too!  Or if you've done anything awesome in the month of November, 'cause I WANT TO KNOW!


  1. Are you going to send the rest my way, or revise first??? I have some time tonight (thought how coherent I am doped up on cold meds is another story..) Congratulations on winning Nano!!

    1. There may be more coming your way...but that would happen much later tonight haha

      There's a big gap between what I've sent you and the rest of the stuff I've written, so I shall have to fill it in first :) I'm getting there, though!

      And thanks! Yayyy winning!

  2. Yay for winning Nano!!!! :D You rock, Alex :D

  3. Huzzah! Good job. I tagged you in my blog today in the hopes of getting a sample of said NaNo winning project ;)

    Allison (Geek Banter)