Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ghost Story updates!

So, for NaNo I'm writing a (sort of) top-secret ghost story.  Here are some random updates/thoughts:

  • I've been digging deep down to find my inner creepster, and have totally started to freak myself out.
  • My biggest default when writing is to churn out some dialogue.  I love having people talk to each other - it's so extreme that a good amount of my words so far fall into the "talking" category.
  • Ghost shows are, like, the best things ever for inspiration :)
  • Seriously, last night I had a hard time falling asleep 'cause I kept hearing noises.
  • My bad guy - erm, ghost - is pretty awesome.  And by awesome I mean evil, murderous, ruthless, and terrifying.
  • I'm gonna have to buy my MC ice cream or something at the end of this, because I'm halfway through the first draft and she's really not gonna have it any easier in the second part of the book.
And, because I can, (and because you're still reading) here's a completely non-spoilery (and non-creepy) bit of dialogue from my try at a ghost story.  My MC is talking to a new-found friend, who has a penchant for hacking into old databases...enjoy!

He nods.  “Which led me to root through old newspapers, yearbooks, pictures – anything I could find.”
“And it was all legal?”
“How’re you not getting caught?  Can’t they trace this stuff?”
“I don’t know, the police, the government, James Bond - ”
“James Bond?”
“Yeah, not the best reference.  How about Skynet?”
“Skynet?  Why would a computer system that causes the apocalypse be interested in our town’s brutal, mysterious history?”
“Maybe it gets kind of boring plotting world destruction and creating Terminators.”

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