Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's Up Wednesday/Ready. Set. Write Post #8!

Soooooo I didn't do one of these last week.

This is still one of my favorite GIFs. And maybe also my punishment for not posting last week.
This will haunt me in my nightmares tonight.

What I'm reading:
I'm bringing Ellen Oh's PROPHECY with me during my travels :) I'm quite excited to read an Asia-based high fantasy!!!

What I'm writing:
The Ghost Story is officially at 22K!!! I had massive writers block for a couple of weeks, but I think it's broken now, so YAY! Here's an excerpt (this still takes place in the cemetery, shortly after the last excerpt I posted)!

Cam makes it to the circle of candles and bloodied dirt first. “What the hell are you doing? Why didn’t you answer your phone?”
My face warms as I put my cut-open hand behind my back. “I, uh, left it in the car-”
“What’re you thinking? Why’d you leave it in the car?” Her eyes dart around from Tal, to the candles, to the knife that Tal didn’t bother hiding. Damnit. Here we go. “And show me your hand.”
I don’t move. “I-”
“You will show me your hand right now, Quinn Thomas!”
My shoulders sink in as I hold out my cut hand. Leo skids to a stop in time to see it, and Jeff, who’s never been able to control how he runs, smacks into him. They barrel into the ground, cursing.
I’d laugh, but Cam’s face is enough to make sure I never feel the need to be happy again.
“You.” She points at Tal. “You did this to her.”
Tal shrugs. Props to her for not wilting under Cam’s death-glare. “It needed to be done. I was hoping the rest of you would join us before we got started.”
“Before what got started?” Leo asks, brushing himself off.
Tal smiles. “Our conversation with dead people.”

New goal is maybeeeeeeee 40K by the end of August? I think I can do that!!!

What else I've been up to:
MOAR job interviews. That's...that's pretty much it haha


What inspires me right now:

I'm actually in Salem, Massachusetts right now, so I'd be remiss to leave out witches/witch trails :) sad playlist, surprisingly...

Happy Writing!


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