Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's Up Wednesday/Ready. Set. Write Post #5

Well, I'm...a bit late to the party, but here's my post for this week!

What I'm reading:
I've acquired a few things to beta read, so that'll be the rest of my week :) I finished Catherine Fisher's OBSIDIAN MIRROR, and while I enjoyed the book overall, there were a few plot things and a couple of characters that ended up disappointing me, which was sad.

What I'm writing:
I feel like the better question is what aren't I writing? DRAGON FAIL has temporarily been pit on hold because I got this fabulous idea for a ghost story! I don't want to say too much about it, because the whole concept is a spoiler, really, but here's an excerpt from what I wrote in the airport yesterday :)

This takes place when my characters take a detour into a psychic's shop. The psychic decides to give them a very informal Tarot reading. My narrator's name is Quinn Thomas, and the last line of this excerpt is why I love her :P
My hands shake as I flip the first card. I stare at it, not fully processing the image. An upright Ten of Swords.
“Ah,” Madame Theresa’s voice lilts. “The cards do not seem to favor you, Little Warrior. Pain and tears, defeat, sudden misfortune-”
“Ruin of plans,” I whisper.
She nods. “Flip the other card, please.”
My hand definitely shakes as I reach for the other one. I nearly fall out of my chair out of relief. “The Magician,” I say, holding the card up for everyone to see.
She smiles. “I thought the cards might grace you with the magician. Your will-power is strong, yes?”
Jeff laughs. “Ma’am, she has one of the strongest wills I’ve ever met.” I shoot him a look, and he holds his hands up in surrender. “It was a compliment, Thomas.”
“Oh.” My face warms. “Right. Sorry.”
Madame Theresa’s eyes meet mine. “You are also quite confident in yourself and your abilities, and are very creative. Perhaps even a master of sleight of hand.”

“When you say it like that I sound like a magical, talented, cocky asshole.”

So I guess my new goal is to get as much of this written as I can? I'm already 6K in so I think it'll go pretty fast/maybe be one of the shortest books I've ever written haha

What else I've been up to:
I just got back from Massachusetts, where I had a job interview, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

With that said, I'm still exhausted.

What inspires me right now:
GHOSTS. And other creepy things. Oh, and marathons of "Destination Truth" :D

Happy Writing!



  1. Crossing my fingers that you get that job! New England is awesome. (I'm in CT!)

    I liked your excerpt. That's great that you're getting the words down so fast. Good luck with it!

    1. Awww thank you!!! I hope I get the job too :)

      Glad you liked the excerpt! Hopefully the words can continue to happen quickly haha :P

  2. You're right - that last line is full of awesome!

    And keeping my fingers crossed for the job! Good luck with the writing goals this week!

    1. Awww thank you!!! We'll see what happens with the job thing :P

      And I <3 that last line! Sassy MC is sassy haha