Saturday, May 25, 2013

(Story) Break Updates!

Well hello!

A little while ago, I blogged about taking a (story) break. I'd just finished up edits on my Les Mis in spaaaaaaace novel, and was kind of in a down-ish mood, as I'd listened to that soundtrack for four months and written an equally sad story.

When I made that blog post, I was about 5K into ze new story, lovingly referred to on twitter as the Summer Dragon Story :)

Well. That blog post was on May 13th. I'm now happy to report that on May 25th, I'm about a quarter of the way done, and my awesome Summer Dragon Story is about to reach the 20K mark!!! YAY!

Since this is pretty much my zero pressure story, I'm pantsing this thing like I've never pantsed before, and I'm LOVING it. Seriously, this break was probably one of the better ideas that I've had, and I really do enjoy being able to just sit down and let whatever happens, happen.

The idea for this story had been sitting around in my head since last October, but it lingered at around 1K until I started writing it again this month. It would probably be hovering around 1K still if I hadn't accepted the fact that one of the ideas I had for this story simply wasn't going to work ---and I couldn't be happier that I figured this out and moved on. This story's been a lot of fun to write, and I don't have to listen to mega depressing soundtracks every night, so YAY!

Oh, and remember that ghost story I wrote for NaNo? I figured out what was wrong with that, too! So after I'm done with this story, I'm going to delve back into creepy ghost land and re-work some things. I'm not gonna give away what I have planned, but I think it'll be an awesome blend of spooky and snarky :)

But that's enough babbling for one day! Back to the story!

Have an awesome weekend! Happy writing/reading/resting!!!

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