Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Heroine Generator - so THIS is what my characters look like!

Sooooooooooooooo my lovely CP Jen put this post up about this character generator!  You should totally hop on over to her page and check them out, because her characters are AMAZING and Aleta is my BFF.

After some (ok, like ONE tweet) prodding, she got me to create MY characters, so here you go, four of my awesome female characters as I see them in my head!

Here are the main two wonderful ladies of ASTRAL :)

Right, so here's Sora (in her standard Crime Preventative Unit uniform -a black shirt and black pants)! 

I kind of enjoy Sora's "uhhh, what?" expression here.  Fun fact, she's biracial, which is hinted at in the book, and hopefully kind of comes across in this picture!

Keira, her BFF (also in uniform!)!

Keira can do the whole mind-reading thing, so that's why she has that look on her face :P

Here are the main two ladies in my Les Mis/Star Wars retelling


I enjoy this, 'cause even computer Pon looks a little sad.  Like there's something she'll never really have...

And...Cose, Pon's...not BFF haha :P

She looks nice, but you know what they say about looks being deceiving...

You should totally go here to make your own characters!  And then link it to me if you do 'cause I want to see them!!!


  1. THEY'RE SO CUUUUTE. Also, I have a weird obsession with Sora's ponytail here. It is fabulous. And Keira's "I know what you're thinking" expression is just... <3 <3 <3

    Can't wait to finish Apparent so I can meet these other two ladies! Although mebbe I should also watch Les Mis first since I've never seen it...

    1. Wheeeeeeee I know, right??? Pon also has a ponytail for most of it, but she gets a haircut and NOTHING can really compare to Sora's ponytail haha :P it's just THAT wonderful! And yeah, Keira's expression is one of my favorite things ever!

      And hahaha you don't need a working knowledge of Les Mis to get what's happening, but if you dooo watch it, lemme know! Can't wait for you to A) finish revising and B) meet my new characters :)

      Thanks for the awesome idea...I miiiiiiiight be doing this again soon hahaha

  2. Your characters are so fun! And charming! I tried this for Eden but I just had to make the saddest most boring looking girl possible so it's not that interesting :P Obviously I'm writing in the wrong genre.

    ALSO, I love all your character diversity :D


      And I think you've got the whole contemp thing down pretty well :)

      *kicks dirt bashfully* aww shucks! Thank you ma'am!!! I do try with the diversity thing! :D 'Tis quite important to me, after all haha