Sunday, March 10, 2013

Retelling hints :)


I'm very close to being done with this retelling.

I'm going to give a few hints.

Sometime this week I'll put up a blog post about and talk about the process, 'cause it's been quite different from everything I've written so far :)


Somewhere on this blog I've talked about what I'm retelling.

This has nothing to do with fairy tales.

This has everything to do with Star Wars and Galaxies far, far away (but, obviously, I'm not retelling Star Wars - Disney's about to do that, and they don't need my help haha).

In the original story, the female characters really weren't paid much attention - I've changed that a bit in my retelling.

The playlist is very sad, and it already existed when I sat down to write this story.

Lots of people die in my retelling's original story.

Oh, and there's a love triangle in the original story (that turns into a love...something in mine).  The love triangle in the original tale might also have been my first real introduction to the concept - and said introduction happened in the eighth grade.

That's all you're getting, dear readers!  Stay tuned later this week for more details on a retelling that I seriously can't wait to talk about!

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  1. I'm a cheater cause I already know the answer, but I'll admit I'm incredibly unlikely to have guessed it from this :P But that's for my lack of knowledge in that area. What a fun way to do a reveal though!