Friday, March 29, 2013

Sigil Maker!

So, I totally lied when I said I'd be back on Wednesday.  I'm back now for liiiiiiiiiiiiike 2 seconds, to share something awesome with you.

You ready?

Even if you don't watch the show/read the books, you should still hop on this site and make a sigil!  It's tons of fun, and, naturally, I've already made mine :)

I love this thing.

As I was driving back to Tennessee, my lovely CP Jen cursed me on Twitter for talking about the sigil maker, because she wanted to make one for the Houses in her story.  Jen, this is my hint that you seriously need to do this - and it's also my shameless stealing of your idea.

The sigil thing doesn't exactly match ASTRAL's world, since that takes place very much in the near future/here BUT it kind of works for my Les Mis/Star Wars mash-up!  Without further ado, here are a few sigils...

This is the sigil for the Empress who rules the Galaxy. She's pretty fabulous.

My story's version of the Thenardiers - this sigil is only for Pon's parents (her sigil is separate!)

Here's my story's version of Javert's family sigil! They're pretty intense about laws and rules :)

And last but certainly not least, here's Pon's!

That was way too much fun!  I miiiiiiiiiiight make a couple more before the weekend is done :)

If you make your own, post the link in the comments!!! I want to see all of your awesome House sigils!

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