Sunday, January 13, 2013

Updates! (AKA The Most Original Title for a Blog Post Ever)

Oh hey friends!

I feel like I've missed A LOT by not making the blog rounds these past few weeks - you know, like an awesome friend going on a cruise (still super jealous, Sus!).  Anywho, I'm trying to figure out ways to make sure that I'm blogging more, so I think I'll start doing book reviews, or book recommendations, or just lament about how I'll never be able to get through my TBR pile.

So, yeah, something book-related is coming because this blog needs something cooler than just me freaking out all. the. time.

Speaking of freaking out, have you seen this?!?

Yeah, that happened!!!

Oh, and the formal announcement was made on SCBWI's website!!!  If you want to read my awkward attempt at answering questions, or if you're curious to see who else won the award and what their stories are about (They sound AMAZING!), then visit The Official SCBWI Blog!!!

Other random updates:

I'm a little over 26K on my Star Wars mash-up WiP!  I might be a little too in love with this story, and I also might be a little okay with this.  Hopefully I'll be able to reveal more details about it soon, but for now just know that outer space is involved, and I. Can't. Stop. Writing. It.  The last time I wrote something this quickly, I ended up with ASTRAL and I thiiiiiiiiiiiiink that turned out well :P  And Jeannette, my stellar CP, has challenged me to an epic word war.  We're now officially racing to 70K, and I hate losing, so it's totally on!

I'm going through my friend Elodie's AMAZING revisions for her novel!  She's on a team for Pitch Wars, and I'm very honored that she's been sending me chapters to read and even more excited that some of my feedback has helped her with her revisions :)  Everyone should root for her and her brilliant YA Contemp, ONE TWO THREE.  Also, she's sending me German Chocolates this week.  Once I receive said chocolates, a blog post will be dedicated to how delicious they are.  I know you're excited to read that :)

Last random update: My hotel and flight are booked for SCBWI New York!!!  I AM SO EXCITED AND FREAKED OUT THAT THERE STILL ARENT ENOUGH WORDS TO DESCRIBE ALL THE FEELS.  Next week I think I'll start the official countdown, and I've got something very entertaining planned for the two weeks leading up to my NYC adventures, so stay tuned...

I've gotta get back to my WiP and Elodie's story, so until next time...

That's all, folks!


  1. Um... Star Wars mash-up? Yes, please. Let me know if you are looking for another CP ;)

    Allison (Geek Banter)

    1. Oh, when my draft isn't a super hot mess I think we'll be able to work something out :) Also, I have a fun blog thing planned for the next two weeks anddddddd might need to send you an email :)

    2. Do it. I'm pretty sure I like fun blog things.

    3. SENT!!! Hopefully you got it :)