Friday, January 18, 2013


...IS FINALLY (AND SADLY) UPON US!!!  Tonight at 8 the 2-hour cry-fest begins, and I've been feeling all bittersweet about it since I found out this was going to be the last season of one of my most beloved shows


This is how I've felt since the show got cancelled.

This is probably how I'll feel during the show...

So this is my "beginning of the end" post.  I tried to search for Fringe .GIFs, but I just started to tear up.  Here's the one I found before I got more sad.

I love Walter.  Also, this is how I feel right now.

I'm going to come up with a more eloquent way of expressing myself after the show is over, because I think they've still got a few surprises left for us, and I want to make sure I know how everything ends so that I can properly gush and mourn.

There are five hours left until the series finale starts, and I have a lot of chocolate to buy.  While I'm walking around Target, loading up my basket full of bags of Dove chocolate, I'll be thinking of this:

Yeah, this isn't how I feel but it's about to make me cry.

I'll also be thinking of all the characters we've (using the Royal 'we' for the amazing Fringe fandom) loved, the ones we've lost (sometimes we've lost them multiple times), the story lines that made us mad or wanting more, unbearably sad, or over-the-moon-happy (which was usually followed by something unbearably sad) and the episodes that made us cry, or cheer, or grossed us out.

But, most of all, I'll just be thinking about this wonderful, weird, and amazing little-show-that-could.  This show challenged me, made me think, merged science with the paranormal, and was a great example of how the "family drama/crime procedural" show can get twisted into something new and exciting.

So thank you, Fringe, for giving us all five seasons of new-and-exciting things to add to our lives.  And thank you for being one of the inspirations for my MS :)  I couldn't have done it without you, and I hope I tipped my hat to you quite well in my story.

If the show had to end, I'm glad it got to end on its own terms.  Much love, Fringe.  Let's do this thing!


  1. I used to watch this show, but then I slowly got away from it. I guess I just got busy with other stuff. Now i'm curious though. maybe i'll go back and watch all the way through...Hope you enjoy the finale!! The show really had a ton of cool stuff in it...

    1. I definitely think it's worth a second shot!!! Thanks :) I hope I enjoy the finale too (I'm sure I will haha).

      I LOVE all of the ideas and concepts from the show! They really looked at things in a cool way, and I'm going to miss it a lot :(

  2. I love Fringe too! *sniffle* Good bye, old friend. You better end well, that's all I'm sayin'.

    1. I think they'll end the series on a high note :) Less than two hours! AHHHH!

  3. I'll have to wait until Sunday night to watch, but all weekend I'll be in preemptive mourning. Thanks for introducing us... I would have never discovered Walter, Olivia, and Peter (oh Peter!) if you hadn't been the perfect matchmaker. :)

    Not that I'm suggesting a replacement, but I watched the pilot for Banshee the other night and think that might fill the void... it's more like True Blood (minus anything paranormal), but I sorta fell for it.

    1. I think introducing you to Fringe gave me karma points for forever :) I'm glad you love them too!!!

      I'll have to check out this Banshee that you speak of...I'll report back soon!