Thursday, November 27, 2014

What I'm Thankful For...

I am thankful for my generation. No, seriously. For all the crap we get about being lazy and self-centered (selfies, by the way, are nothing more than digital self-portraits which people used to do; only they stood in the same pose for months on end to capture their image during the old painting days), I'm thankful that, for the most part, my generation is mad.

But we're much more than that. We want to see change, because things cannot stay the way they are. We want to bring a little more balance to a skewed world. We want more, we expect more, and the fact that it's still out of reach - that it's still being held from us - makes us mad. So I'm thankful for my selfish, sloth-like generation who stares at their computers all day, doing absolutely nothing. One day, people will see how wrong those labels are, and I can't wait.
I am thankful that I have people who will support me, no matter what. And, that if times get difficult, I'll always have a place to stay. Not everyone can say that, and my life is filled by people who have helped me through what can best be summed up as the worst year of my life. I know it sounds dramatic, but trust me, it was pretty bad.I am thankful that I can express myself through writing. Sometimes I forget how truly awesome it is to be able to say that I've written a book, and will continue to write. But, even better than being able to say that I've written a book is being able to say that people have read my book and enjoyed it. That will forever and always blow my mind. I still have so many stories to tell, issues to explore, and things to do that I'm truly excited for what the future brings.
I'm thankful for the students I get to work with everyday. My Resident Assistants, Academic Mentors, and Desk Receptionists are all amazing, and it saddens me that people don't give them enough credit sometimes. I've never met a more compassionate, aware, and active group of students. They are the future, our future, and I fully believe that they will change things for the better. 
I am thankful for rage, sadness, joy, excitement, fear, happiness, and every other emotion out there. It's what makes us human, the good and the bad. 
And finally, I am thankful for you, whoever you are, reading this post about being thankful. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to stop by, and hope you have an awesome day! 
Since I would be remiss to not address the negative things associated with today, I'll leave you with this quote. Let us not forget that America was built upon and hasn't yet broken down a heinous system of oppression.

"Throughout history, the subjugated have always had to be nobler. That is a hell of a thing, to expect nobility in the face of disgrace." - Roxane Gay

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