Monday, December 3, 2012

So, my CP re-tagged me in a meme...

...because she thought it'd be a good idea for me to post something from ze novel I am currently query-ing.

Of course, I am more than happy to oblige (and will be figuring out a good way to get revenge soon - bwahaha!).  At some point this week, I'll also have a blog post that doesn't revolve around memes.

But today's not that day.

Without any further ado ('cause I've adone enough...yeah, I didn't think it was funny either), here's an excerpt from ASTRAL, my YA Sci-fi filled with parallel universes, doppelgangers, and swords.  This part is narrated by my male MC, and yes, it's still the "You Got the Look" meme, so "look" is in there somewhere...I promise!

I take a deep breath.  “The - ”
“Well, if it isn’t the mysteriously elusive Miss Sora Walton.  Seeing you outside of your room is a rare treat.”  A blond kid, maybe a year or so older than me, literally steps out of the shadows.
I thought people only did that in movies.
My jerk-o-meter goes off when he looks at Sora the same way that a lion might look at a gazelle.  Her hand tightens around my arm – a pretty clear sign that she doesn’t like this kid either.
She takes a deep breath.  “Kalon, now’s not a good time - ”
“Is it ever a good time with you?  I’ve been looking for you for ages now, you know.  Didn’t you enjoy our time together?”
She squeezes my hand and I glare at this interruption.  I was in the middle of something important.  Who the Hell does this guy think he is?  King of the military compound?


Also, anyone who wants to get tagged, you are now thusly tagged!  So go forth and meme!

Happy Monday!


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    1. haha aww thanks :P I wish Bastian were an actual person, 'cause we would totally be BFFs :P